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03 Dec 2017

Living saints today? Have you met any?

See larger image Compassion: Living in the Spirit of St. Francis New From: $10.77 USD In Stock Where have all the saints gone? Living saints?  Have you met any?  Not a Hindu or Catholic Saint, placed on candle-lit altar or in rose garden.  But a living saint today.  Someone who projects a oneness with the world, is filled with loving compassion, who has a purpose of being in service to others?  A humble person who is truly awake? I have […]

30 Oct 2017

What was Saint Hildegard the Patron Saint of? Culinary arts? Creativity?

See larger image St. Hildegard of Bingen Collectible Vinyl Figure New From: $12.99 USD In Stock Culinary arts?  Creativity? Arts?  This question of what was Saint Hildegard the Patron Saint of came up recently when I was asked where I had first heard or came to know Saint Hildegard as The Patron Saint of Creativity?  In my documentary of The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard, I invited many of the interviewees to respond if they thought of her as the patron […]

21 Nov 2016

Now more than ever relevant!

We all long for order in which fairness, justice and compassion for all people is demonstrated by our respective governments. Saint Hildegard had her own “unruly-ness” to the powers of the church by allowing an excommunicated nobleman to be buried in the cemetery at the convent. Whose teaching was she following in taking that unruly action?  That teaching is still relevant today. Now more than ever relevant! Audiences this past week in Atlanta and Boulder were fired up by Saint […]

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