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29 Jun 2015

The Unruly Mystic and Unruly Me: Nicole Barchilon Frank

[amazon asin=B012CFELH8&template=add to cart]The following is taken from a review of The Unruly Mystic, by my longtime friend, Nicole Barchilon Frank, who was about to embark on her own 10 month spiritual sabbatical in Ireland when I saw her in Boulder, Colorado. A few days ago I watched my friend Michael Conti’s film, The Unruly Mystic. The film is about his spiritual journey and his exploration of the life of Saint Hildegard of Bingen. I first learned about Hildegard from my botanist friend […]

31 Mar 2015

What’s showing next?

The title of this blog is what I say at the box office. I go to the movies at a random time and I ask ”what is showing next?” and if I have not seen it already I get a ticket and go in. These are the reviews of the random movies I see. I had the distinct privilege in being invited to a private screening of this documentary. It’s hard for me to watch some documentaries. I find them […]

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