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  • From Christopher Baron on Patron Saint of Creativity

    Dear Michael

    WOW! thank you for this project. I cant wait to see the film.I enjoy Hildergard so much and being a catholic christian myself she is so inspirational. I am a Creative Expressive Arts Therapies student at Derby University UK and a professional musician (percussionist) and i specialise in Hang sound-sculpture and also work witrh a professional singer who sings hildergard. I would love to host your film at my university talk about your work and the film. I am also in the process of building a school in Bengali India among the famous Santhal tribel people. There will be creative expressive arts proects and developments in all areas of creative expression, wher children can grow and discover their creativity and go on to pursue their paths. It would be fantastive to host this film here at Uni in the UK and creatce small group discussion for inspiration, artistic collaboration etc and raise some money for the creative arts school project.

    Look forward to hearing from you and if you need any more info please let me know.

    Very best wishes and congratulations


    2015/04/25 at 2:28 pm
    • From hildegard on Patron Saint of Creativity

      Hi Chris,
      I love it when these types of connections get made through Saint Hildegard’s amazing work from around the world. It looks like you are half-way between London and Liverpool, probably closer to Liverpool where I have a good friend running an arts program. I will send you an email from michael@theunrulymystic.com so that we can continue this conversation in more detail.


      2015/04/26 at 2:50 pm
  • From Sharon Zimmerman on Patron Saint of Creativity

    We would be interested in showing your film at our church. We are located in the Southeast Denver Metro area.


    2015/04/21 at 2:17 am
  • From Elena on Contact Us

    I would like to organize a screening of the film in my community, please contact me,
    I´m from Spain, many thanks,

    2015/04/19 at 11:56 am
    • From hildegard on Contact Us

      Hi Elena,
      Thank you for your interest in my film. We recently did a screening in Louisville Kentucky USA as a fundraiser and sold more than 200 tickets.

      Could you please tell me where and when you would like to screen the film? If you are advertising the screening for a theatrical there is a different price than if you are showing to a private community or church.

      Either way I can give you more details and will work with you on making this happen.


      2015/04/20 at 1:05 am
  • From Sue on Patron Saint of Creativity

    Could you send me some information about how we would arrange a showing in St. Paul Minnesota or how we could buy a copy
    thanks so much, Sue

    2015/04/14 at 8:03 pm
    • From hildegard on Patron Saint of Creativity

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you for your interest in screening the film. I know that there are several other people that would love to see the film there (as they are also in the film!)

      My primary goal is to promote community screenings as opposed to watching the film alone since I feel it promotes good conversation.

      Let me know what you have in mind, and how we can work together. I have a non-theatrical license agreement for non-public screenings as well as one for theatrical screenings. We are doing the latter in Louisville KY this Friday as a benefit for the Hildegard House.


      2015/04/16 at 12:15 pm
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    2015/03/31 at 2:13 pm
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