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  • From Cynthia Spang Tate on About the Filmmaker

    Hey, what’s the problem? More than a decade later & still no continued bio. (Just had to heckle you a little bit…hahaha.) Love where you’re going with The Unruly Mystic!!! Nature, spirituality & creativity (in terms of alchemy)…the essence of divine vitality.

    Checking out your site in reference to a potential referral. Also, I get a life update on you without having to meet, considering Boulder is so far away…lol. Cheers!!

    2018/02/04 at 8:07 pm
  • From Chiara F. Mathews on Patron Saint of Creativity

    I watched your film today through Amazon and enjoyed it very much. I became interested in St. Hildegard recently after hearing of her work in herbal medicine. After watching the film, I engaged in intense prayer with her and felt it was the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. I then discovered this website and read that in fact today is her feastday, which I did not know! I immediately consulted the Catholic calendar on my kitchen wall because I was in such disbelief. Indeed, I found it is her feastday! It is hard for me to take this as a coincidence. I feel she is telling me something!

    I appreciate that your film is making St. Hildegard more known to the world. I feel the film came from a genuine love and tried to treat her and the Catholics interviewed with respect. My only issue with the film is the “New Age,” even occultist interpretation of her work by the many non-Catholics that were interviewed. These practices are completely incompatible with Catholicism and with St. Hildegard herself. She was not involved with witchcraft and was not altogether “unruly.” She was a staunch defender of the Roman Catholic Church and lived by all of its teachings. Having said that, I thank you for making this film and hope it is the beginning of a journey toward the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic” Faith for many.

    Chiara F. Mathews, Founder/Director
    Nomen Christi Apostolate, New York

    2015/09/18 at 1:41 am
  • From lita Quimson on Contact Us

    I run a formation centre and I am a spiritual director- The name of my centre is on the third day and I always talk about the glory of God is the human person being fully alive …St Ireneus nd I am planning to create 8 modules on level 2 and would want this film to be part of my course , either module 2 or 3 on mystics and how they put what they received from prayer into action. Whats the best package you can give me pls.

    I live in the philippines and I know, AS I am invited to speak to churches I would be able to encourage others with the life of Hildegard. I was brought up benedictine and always wondered why our concert halls were called Hildegard. Now I know why.

    Im a great believer of contemplative spirituality and i hope to pass on everything I know. My son said that the title of the documentary is appropriate for me- he said mom: “you are an unruly mystic”

    Hope you can help me

    2015/08/01 at 7:35 am
    • From hildegard on Contact Us

      Hi Lita,
      I feel so wonderfully connected when I hear from people like you, and someone in their lives consider them “an unruly mystic”. It is so true that we all are! Some more than others! I could be happy to support your mission in the Philippines, and will send you a private message so that we can discuss how that might look in more detail.

      Michael Conti

      2015/08/05 at 3:00 pm
  • From Carrie on Patron Saint of Creativity

    Are there any showings coming up in NYC or the Hudson Valley? I don’t have the resources to host a screening, and I’d very much like to see this somehow.

    2015/06/30 at 11:24 am
  • From Nicole Barchilon Frank on Patron Saint of Creativity

    Here is a review/piece I did about this film and my process as an unruly mystic.
    The Unruly Mystic and Unruly Me

    2015/06/29 at 3:58 pm
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